Care Chiropractic Queensland Cairns

165 Aumuller Street

Cairns, 4870

Call: 07 4051 2998

Monday      9am–12pm (reception only), 3–6pm

Tuesday      8:30am–12pm, 3–6pm

Wednesday 7:30am–11am, 3–6pm

Thursday    9:15am–12pm, 3pm-6pm

Friday         9am–12pm, 3pm-6pm

Saturday     9am–12pm

Sunday       Closed


Care Chiropractic Queensland Mareeba

Shop 2/159 Walsh St

Mareeba, 4880

Call: 07 4092 3556

Monday      7:30am–11am, 3pm-6pm

Tuesday      8:30am-12pm, 3pm–6pm

Wednesday 1pm - 5:30pm

Thursday    8:30am-12pm, 3–6pm

Friday         8:30am-12pm, 3–6pm

Saturday    CLosed

Sunday       Closed


Care Chiropractic Queensland Malanda

23 English St

Malanda, 4885

Call: 07 4096 6332

Monday       3pm - 6pm

Tuesday      7am–10am, 3pm-6pm

Wednesday 9am–12Pm (Reception only, 3PM–6pm

Thursday    8:30–11am, 3PM-5pm

Friday         cLOSED

Saturday    Closed

Sunday       Closed

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