Chiropractic is not just about back pain

It’s not just about how you feel but also how you function. We will help you get back to doing the things you love in an environment designed to maximise your potential. 

Chiropractic has been shown to help with the following:

Back & Neck Pain

Postural Distortions

Muscular Imbalances

Headaches & Migraines

Pregnancy Related Back & Pelvic Pain

Recurrent / Overuse Injuries

Sports Injuries & Performance Enhancement

Vertebral Disc Injuries & Sciatica

Why choose Care Chiropractic Queensland?

We aim to:

Reconnect you to your body

Restore function

Revitalise your life.

We are FNQ’s most well-established practice using lower force techniques for over 12 years.

Your Mareeba Chiropractors

Located conveniently on Walsh Street in the heart of town

What we do…

We help people improve their health, in order to promote healthier communities.

Gentle chiropractic care tailored to the individual whether you are a weekend warrior, desk worker, tradie or recently born.

Schedules of care that are designed for results and focused on your health goals.

Our Chiropractors are available to lecture at clubs, events and organisations on topics such as spinal health, posture, arthritis, pregnancy, children, and modern nutrition.