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Our commitment to you

  • Affordable chiropractic for everyone; babies, families and the infirm
  • Care plans and procedures tailored to the individual
  • A caring and safe environment that will help you achieve your health goals

With clinics in Cairns, Mareeba, Malanda & Innisfail, Care Chiropractic are your chiropractors for Tropical North Queensland. Our Chiropractors are available to lecture at clubs, events and organisations on topics such as spinal health, posture, arthritis, pregnancy, children, and modern nutrition.

Why choose chiropractic?

Your chiropractor can help the body recognise that everything it ever needed to heal is at its fingertips. This is achieved by ensuring that the master controller of your body, the nerve system is functioning properly and free of interference.

Drs R James Ainsley, Matt Jacob, Timothy Jack, Gordon McPherson-Rayner
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