Postural Distortions

Have you ever thought about your postural fitness?

Postural fitness means optimal spinal health and alignment when you’re under gravity which means that unless you’re a billionaire or employed by NASA, that’s all the time!

Think of it as a piece of software that is always running in the background and if it’s not operating smoothly, it will chew through your body’s resources. This can leave us feeling flat by the end of the day while also putting excessive strain on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the body.

Having a more balanced posture can increase strength, endurance, and coordination. Imbalances can occur when we stay in one, static position for hours on end. The most common one that affects most of us in the modern world is sitting for extended periods.

Sitting can:

  • Increase the stress on the discs between your vertebrae
  • Lead to inflammation, pain and possible early degeneration of your spine
  • Cause the natural curves in your back to deteriorate
  • Reduce the overall function and stability of your spine

Chiropractors are uniquely positioned to help assess your postural fitness and improve it.

    Here is some of the advice we offer people who want to strengthen their posture and avoid damage:

    • Think tall. Take that notch in the middle of your chest below your chin and lift it. It will draw your shoulders back and head up naturally
    • Stand when on the phone for extended periods
    • Take stretch breaks during long meetings and computer work
    • Get moving! Motion is the lotion for your joints. Activities like yoga and Pilates are great for whole body workouts

    If you think your workstation/place isn’t set up ideally, contact one of your local chiropractors to come in and do a workplace assessment.