Sports Injuries

Get back to playing the sports you love!

Whether you’re a professional athlete or weekend warrior, we all want to be back playing yesterday. Having one of our chiropractors assess the injury as well as your posture, balance and motion patterns should be an integral part of any athletes program.

The ultimate goal is to get you back on the field quicker, prevent re-injury and enhance overall performance.

Mareeba & Cairns are soccer loving places, so it no surprise that it’s the most popular sport in the world. Although soccer is thought of as relatively safe, injuries are common. A study in the Journal of Sports Chiropractic & Rehabilitation1 has shed some light on the risks associated with sticking the boot in.

    Soccer Injuries:

    • Ankle injuries are the most common soccer injury, making up 17-22%
    • 13.3% of soccer injuries are due to footwear, potentially due to the boot studs
    • Groin tears make up 13% and are notoriously difficult to heal
    • It is estimated that over a 15 year period, a player may have headed the ball up to 5,000 times which is considered a repetitive concussive injury
    • X-ray examinations revealed that ex-soccer players had increased degenerative changes to neck compared to non-players of a similar age
    1. McHardy A, Pollard H. Injury associated with soccer: A review of epidemiology and etiology. Journal of Sports Chiropractic & Rehabilitation 2 2001: 15(1), pp 34-43

    If you think your body needs a pre game/workout tune up or its running a bit rough, we can help!