Mr R (Jim) Ainsley
Doctor of Chiropractic

Mr Ainsley has many years of chiropractic experience both in Australia and overseas. He has recently been consulting for clinics in Europe, New Zealand and Australia and has since returned to the Tablelands. Mr Ainsley continues to provide the latest procedures in chiropractic through his postgraduate education


Dr. Matt Jacob

Matt discovered chiropractic at a young age thanks to his parents, although it wasn’t until he had a life-changing motorcycle accident that he began to see just how important health is. The road to recovery highlighted that to be truly healthy, one must move well, eat well and think well. Health is a journey, not a destination. Matt is happy to be home and is enjoying helping people in the Tropical North achieve their health goals.


Dr. Timothy Jack

Originally from the small town of Taupo New Zealand,  Tim grew up skiing, mountain biking and swimming in the local lake. While studying health sciences in Dunedin, Tim attended a seminar on Chiropractic and knew immediately what his future career path was going to be. Since then Tim has been helping people get their health back on track  through the use of a specialized technique called Applied Kinesiology.


Dr. Rachel Hume

Dr. Rachel discovered chiropractic while struggling with her own health challenges as a teenager, and experienced firsthand the powerful truth that ‘a body in balance will heal itself’. With a strong desire to help others, Rachel moved to Auckland where she completed her Chiropractic degree. Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Rachel loves living in tropical FNQ, and is passionate about helping you reach your full potential.

Dr. Gordon McPherson-Rayner

Gordon is originally from Toronto Canada. He has spent the last few years practicing in FNQ, where he developed a special interest in providing excellent chiropractic care, especially for pregnant mums, newborns, children, and families. Gordon also works with athletes and weekend warriors, helping them to achieve better results. With his wealth of knowledge about health and wellbeing and his common sense approach, Gordon can tailor a program to help you achieve your long-term health goals.

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Belinda Derose
Practice Manager



Shelly Porter
Chiropractic Assistant



Michelle horwood
Chiropractic Assistant


Robyn Bauer
Chiropractic Assistant


Kay Jeffrey
Chiropractic Assistant


Janet Condon
Chiropractic Assistant


Sonia Ragusa
Chiropractic Assistant

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Rose Fisher
Chiropractic Assistant


Tammy McIlrath
Chiropractic Assistant

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melissa Binder
Chiropractic Assistant


cleo dietrich
Chiropractic Assistant