Dr. Matt Jacob

Matt discovered chiropractic at a young age thanks to his parents, although it wasn’t until he had a life-changing motorcycle accident that he began to see just how important health is. The road to recovery highlighted that to be truly healthy, one must move well, eat well and think well. Health is a journey, not a destination. Matt is happy to be home and is enjoying helping people in the Tropical North achieve their health goals.


Dr. Timothy Jack

Originally from the small town of Taupo New Zealand,  Tim grew up skiing, mountain biking, and swimming in the local lake. Since crossing the ditch to live the dream in Cairns in 2013, Tim has been loving helping families of Far North Queensland get their health back on track through the use of a specialised chiropractic techniques such as SacroOccipital technique, upper cervical care and diversified. Tim is passionate about helping people evolve their health and unlock their innate ability for self-healing.

Dr. Gordon McPherson-Rayner

Gordon is originally from Toronto Canada. He has spent the last few years practicing in FNQ, where he developed a special interest in providing excellent chiropractic care, especially for pregnant mums, newborns, children, and families. Gordon also works with athletes and weekend warriors, helping them to achieve better results. With his wealth of knowledge about health and wellbeing and his common sense approach, Gordon can tailor a program to help you achieve your long-term health goals.


Charlotte R Tribe Dip(Dance), MChiro, CCT

Originally from Cornwall England, Charlotte had grown up in the dance industry, with a keen interest in movement and nutrition. After undergoing a spinal injury herself, Chiropractic was the only form of care which helped in Charlotte's recovery. After such results, Charlotte delved into the study of Chiropractic herself and has never looked back.

Charlotte works closely with all of the family in order to assist in children's developmental goals, as well as mum and dad's health, posture and movement goals

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dr. Mat Kingett

Dr Kingett grew up in the coastal town of Tauranga, New Zealand playing golf, cricket, soccer and volleyball with a great love for the outdoors.Since 2012, he has been in practice in Matakana and on the North Shore of Auckland. He has also been involved with the NZCC Research department helping progress chiropractic research. He has completed a post graduate diploma in Health Science and other specialised technique courses including, low force and kinesiology-based systems.  Dr Kingett loves helping patients achieve the life they desire. He will be based out of the Cairns and Mareeba practices.

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Shelly Porter
Chiropractic Assistant


Michelle horwood
Chiropractic Assistant


Robyn Bauer
Chiropractic Assistant


Kay Jeffrey
Chiropractic Assistant


Janet Condon
Chiropractic Assistant


Sonia Ragusa
Chiropractic Assistant

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Rose Fisher
Chiropractic Assistant


Tammy McIlrath
Chiropractic Assistant

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melissa Binder
Chiropractic Assistant


cleo dietrich
Chiropractic Assistant