Being Good is Good for Your Health

Science is beginning to demonstrate why selfless acts are so good for us. It has been demonstrated that when people volunteer or donate to charity, their brains register pleasure and reward. These are the very same areas of the brain that light up when you eat your favourite food, kiss a lover, or win a race.

At Care Chiropractic QLD, we are responsible for looking after the health of our community not just at an individual level, but on a larger scale. At least once a month all of our clinics run free health seminars, workplace safety classes, or charity events such as the Ambrose Golf Day for the Mareeba Hospital Foundation. Through the support of our patients, we have donated 107kg of clothing to Papua New Guinea.  We also run annual Christmas drives at our practices with patient support.

So maybe nice guys don’t always finish last. Selflessness can enhance our lives in multiple areas such as health, romance and finances. Here’s why:

  • It’s good for your health - The same feel good chemicals that are released when you do a good deed are also naturally occurring painkillers and promote healing
  • It’s good for your bottom line - Altruists may reap unexpected financial benefits because others will feel compelled to reward their kindness
  • It’s good for those with addictions – getting involved in the community has been shown to significantly reduce relapse rates amongst both adolescents and adults  
  • It promotes social connection – when we give to others, they feel closer to us and we feel closer to them. 

So, how can you, your business or family help? There are a number of ways you can start reaping the benefits of giving.

  • Connect with like-minded groups. People are much more likely to help members of their own group. Examples include liking the same sport, hobby or social service groups such as Rotary
  • Give thanks – grateful people are more generous
  • Lead by example – great leaders inspire other to follow, not simply getting people to do what they want
  • Get time on your side – individuals are much more likely to help someone in need if they believe they have the time to do so
  • Fight inequality – whether it is in the workplace, home or schoolroom. We aren’t born with prejudice, it’s something we learn.  

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed  people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

By Dr Matt Jacob

Care Chiropractic QLD