The Frequency of Essential Oils and how they help us to ‘Re-Tune’

By Renee Clifford (Chiropractic Assistant)

Essential oils are essentially the ‘lifeblood’ or ‘lifeforce’ of a plant and can help support our wellbeing. How? Well they are living substances which allows them to support the living cells of our bodies – Life literally supports life! – this is of course, if they are truly from nature and not created in a lab or adulterated in any way. What makes them ‘living’ is the fact that there is frequency or movement within their cells – this is missing from most store bought oils.

Since all living cells vibrate – our bodies oscillate or have measurable frequency too. Can you really measure this and know for sure? Of course! Bruce Tanio built the first frequency monitor in 1992. He determined the normal frequency of human beings is 62-68 MHz which represents the “State of Health”, where your immune system is functioning adequately to maintain wellness. When we experience physical or emotional stress we go ‘out of tune’ and there is an energy block or a lack of energy flow. Most illnesses are characterized by this blockage and will manifest as inflammation, irritation and illness. Re-tuning to the original frequency brings the body back into proper alignment or balance allowing us to resume our natural harmonic resonance.

How can we ‘Re-Tune’? There are many ways including mediation, yoga, getting out in nature and by using essential oils! Essential oils affect our anatomy, electromagnetic biofield and energy centres by helping everything come back into balance, allowing our body/mind/spirit to selfheal. This is because we take on the frequency or vibrational energy of essential oils when they are brought into our field. The bio-energy of essential oils do not resonate with toxins in our bodies. So as we take on their vibrational energy when we inhale, ingest, apply to our skin, they are assisting us in driving out these toxins. Neither do essential oils resonate with negative toxic emotions – these are also brought to the surface so we can deal with them and release them.