It's Never too Late - 5 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holiday Season

Family Exercise Fun - Plan activities that the whole group can participate in after big festive meals.  E.g. backyard cricket or a swim at Lake Eacham.

Double Book - Organise to have double engagements on days when attending holiday parties. This will help you pace yourself & spread out the day.

Don’t Starve – It’s an unhealthy habit to starve yourself or skip meals prior to big holiday feasts. This stresses your body to the max and results in overeating. Because you tricked your body into thinking there was no food about, your fat production will increase in preparation for the next time you skip meals, which means you’ll put on more weight by starving yourself.

Ease Off, Don’t Quit – it’s OK to ease up on your exercise program if the social calendar is filling up, but don’t quit all together. The mentality of “I’ll start up again in January” will put you many months behind, and makes it harder to lose the extra pounds that you put on over the silly season.

Buddy Up Do you have a family member, co-worker or friend who has the same health goals as you? Help keep each other motivated through this period and into the new year by exercising together & being accountable to one another so you can both ‘survive’ the season.

Written By Dr Matt Jacob

Care Chiropractic Queensland