Get Active. Get Moving

CCQ Innisfail & Sharelle Rowe, from Storm Strength and Conditioning, present: Get Active Get Moving on December 6 at 1230pm. Sharelle, a Master Trainer, and Pilates Instructor, Crossfit Trainer will cover pre and post exercise, general mobility, and injury rehab in this functional training workshop.


Tips From Sonia

By Sonia Ragusa (Chiropractic Assistant)

Many people try and go way out there, trying different things to get healthy or to lose weight, but reality is,  methods to improve your health are pretty straightforward, to lose weight- eat less and exercise more, to boost your energy- get more sleep, to prevent dehydration-  drink more water.

In today’s society people would like to have a magic pill to solve the health and weight issues. We are getting more lazy and getting the head space of, I don’t care anymore- I’m married my wife/husband doesn’t care what I look like, I have kids, I have no one in my life so why bother, I have always been this way it runs in the family. We just need to keep it simple for example I myself can get a little lazy, unless  I push myself so this is what I do. In the morning I drink a huge glass of water and do some basic exercises in my lounge room. I make myself a smoothie which is really simple-1 egg, coconut milk, Chia seeds.  Chia seeds contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for reducing inflammation and fighting chronic diseases. Protein powder, almonds, fresh or frozen fruits and Jalna yoghurt, it has no gluten or starches no artificial sweeteners and colours no preservatives and no cane sugar, the best one to use,

I find this will fill me up for most of the day.  Again just keep it simple, cut down the sugars and bread and do light exercises, just a walk around the block is a start. There are other alternatives out there, we just need to explore our resources.  Sometimes we need to have a reality check and that comes in as a form of a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases.

Why would we let ourselves go to these extremes, well we get lost in everyday living or should I say everyday slumber, that’s not living and we forget the most important person in the world is ourselves.

Stop using excuses and start living.

My motto is “everything in moderation”.


By Janet Condon (Chiropractic Assistant)

From the moment we are born and the first taste we get of our mothers milk we are hooked!  Love it or hate it sugar is an integral part of our lives, its very sweetness beckons us to want more and we associate it with survival and comfort.  Sugar stimulates our dopamine receptors causing a high similar to that induced by drugs and just as addictive, for this reason most of us consume way more sugar per day than the recommended 25gm which is just 6 teaspoons.  Considering that a 350ml glass of coke contains 10 teaspoons and a 350ml glass of apple juice contains 9.8 teaspoons that’s not hard to do.

Excess sugar in the diet has been linked to obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and gum disease, cholesterol and heart disease, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome and cancer.  So what to do?  Drink plenty of clean filtered water – about 1 litre per 20kg of body weight, eat lots of fresh vegetables and whole fruit, add some healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil and ghee, some whole protein like grass fed beef or fresh oily fish – salmon and sardines are great and limit sugary and processed food as much as possible.  One of the easiest ways to consume too much sugar is through drinks, avoid sweet fizzy drinks and juices and have coconut water or mineral water instead.  Try making some herbal or fruit tea and having it either hot or cold.  You can still have the cake (in moderation) just don’t wash it down with a sugary drink as well!